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Rapids River Days Medallion Hunt - Win $500 if you find it!

Starts Thursday, June 20, 2024
Clues given at 9am and 4pm each day until medallion is found.
FOR DAILY CLUES: Listen to 98.1 FM radio-MN's New Country, visit this website, or visit our Facebook page.
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2024 CLUES:

Given daily starting Thursday, June 20

at 9am and 4pm

on this website, Facebook, and on

MN's New Country, 98.1 FM Radio

until the Medallion is found.

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1. There are no age limits or residency requirements to participate. An individual cannot win more than once as a Medallion Hunt Winner. No purchase is necessary.


2. The medallion will be on City property within the Sauk Rapids City limits. Please DO NOT trespass onto private property.


3. The medallion will NOT be buried underground (NO digging needed). The medallion will NOT be hidden within 100 ft of a body of water. The medallion will not be hidden on streets or driveways where traffic occurs, nor near any railroad tracks.


4. The medallion may be hidden either outdoors or indoors, but will always be hidden in a public place.


5. Event sponsor, city officials, event officials, event volunteers and their immediate families are not eligible to win.

6. CLUES will be announced daily at 9am and 4pm. Listen to 98.1 FM radio "Minnesota's New Country" or visit the RRDays Facebook page or the festival website at to see each clue for the Medallion Hunt.


7. To claim the prize, the official Medallion must be turned in, IN PERSON, during regular business hours at the Sauk Rapids Government Center located at 250 Summit Ave N, Sauk Rapids, MN. If the medallion is found when the Government Center is not open, please call event chair, Marla Elness, 320-248-8444, to make arrangements for the official turn in.


8. Upon winner verification, a date will be determined to award the $500 check to the winner. Photos will be published in the local newspaper and posted on the festival website and social media.

CLUE #1:


CLUE #2:

CLUE #3:

CLUE #4:

CLUE #5:

CLUE #6:

CLUE #7:

CLUE #8:


Curt and Sandie Cook

who live in Sauk Rapids and found the Medallion at Oakridge Park

under the warming house, under a rock.

They received $500 for finding the Medallion

during the 2023 Rapids River Days Medallion Hunt.

Medallion Hunt RULES:

The Rapids River Days Medallion is 2-3/4" in diameter.

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